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Affirmative Talk, Affirmative Action

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Affirmative action programs have been implemented in over 50 jurisdictions in the United States, yet studies of a number of these communities have shown that most efforts to meet proposed race-conscious hiring goals have been unsuccessful. This unique comparative case study investigates the reasons for the success or failure of affirmative action programs in two Southern communities. Augustus J. Jones, Jr. challenges the findings in the literature that affirmative action efforts are doomed to failure. This analysis does what similar studies have failed to do: it identifies and defines those elements--communications, resources, commitment, political-social conditions, and bureaucratic arrangements--required for the successful execution of any public policy program, and then offers appropriate strategies in a detailed, step-by-step approach for successfully executing affirmative action goals. Research for the volume includes over 50 interviews of city, state, and federal officials responsible for implementing affirmative action goals, on-the-spot observations of the communities' affirmative action shops, and written records of city and country commission meetings. Following an introductory chapter that outlines the purpose, justifications, and methodology of the work, the second chapter compares variables within the two communities, such as their civil rights records, political orientation, and progress in meeting affirmative action goals. Five subsequent chapters focus on the key elements in race-conscious hiring programs, including communications, resources, commitment, political conditions, and organizational arrangements. The final chapter offers conclusions, a recipe for successful affirmative action programs, and speculations about the future of these programs. This useful assessment will become a standard affirmative action how-to book for scholars, students, policy analysts, bureaucrats both inside and outside government, and equal opportunity officers at the federal, state, and local levels who are responsible for implementing and enforcing equal opportunity laws and affirmative action goals.

Modern Jews Engage The New Testament Companion Figures

RRP $17.99

This fifty-two-page manual opens with concise blueprints for teaching six adult education lessons and four full courses based on Rabbi Michael J. Cook's volume, Modern Jews Engage the New Testament: Enhancing Jewish Well-Being in a Christian Environment.

  • The lessons are stand-alone sessions on various topics: questions posed by Christians that Jews find hard to answer; the parting of the ways between Judaism and Christianity; the Jesus of history; the Last Supper and today's church "seders"; the impact of Passion traditions on the Jews; and whether the New Testament is antisemitic.
  • The courses address:
    • New Testament Basics Jews Should Know (5 sessions)
    • How Christian Holy Days Impact the Jews (5 sessions)
    • The Four Gospels: A Concern for Jews from Each (4 sessions)
    • How Early Christians Applied "Gospel Dynamics" (8 sessions)
  • Accommodating calendar needs, the courses can be shortened (omitting sessions); expanded (extending sessions); even combined (by stringing courses together).
  • Assigned for each lesson and course session are materials from the main text-which pages to read and which "Figures" to examine. The latter-the distinctive diagrams, pictorials, charts-not only aid comprehension, supply key biblical passages, and reinforce recall, but they also can stimulate group discussion. This explains why the manual reproduces all eighty-four! The idea? First, participants do assignments from the main book at home. Then they bring Companion Figures alone to class-or instructors distribute copies as each session begins.
  • With these lessons and courses clearly laid out, time-consuming planning by teachers is already accomplished! And instructors preferring to devise their own courses now have models in the structures which Dr. Cook provides.


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Star Wars Lego Ps2 Playstation
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